Society of Automotive Engineers

SAE- RTU is group of students enthusiastic about design, manufacture and operation of motorcycle, automobiles and trucks and their respective engineering system. The club is run by the students and for the students under the guidance of teachers. SAE is open to all the students of any branch, the only requirement is your dedication to the club.
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Master Builder

Master Builder is a club which provides exposure to the outside world of engineer's and making them familiar with the advance science technology and practice in the field of civil engineering. It helps and facilitate the overall development of the students and provide collaboration between school and the industry for the advancement of engineering teaching and research.
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Programming Club

Computer Science and Programming club is a group of students enthusiastic about coding, web-designing and all other aspects of computer programming. The main objective of CSAP is to provide platform to all the students to show their skills and also to learn and master new swiftly changing technology of today's world.
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Visual Media and Marketing

The power of Visual Media and Marketing comes through when you can pair it with a short story. Your message can be that much more powerful. Visual Media demonstrates how to use images, words and the art to create messages that connect with people. Visual Marketing is the strategy of using aids to communicate your brand's particular story using design.
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The Robotics club is a community of students who derive pleasure in creating robots that may even be potent to work without human intervention. Each member of this family is provided insight into mechanical, basic electronics. Monetary and informatory aid besides the indispensable guidance of experienced members, club will support and foster interest in various aspects related to robotics.
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AeroModelling Club

"Climb high; Climb far. Your goal is the sky, your aim is star". We build maneuver and fly hovercraft to the best of their abilities. Quick transportation over great distances and over all types of terrain. Fly away like a bird. Real time data recording, wireless control, surveillance, geo-tagging, mapping.
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An innovative and academic club of UTD, RTU, Kota, The club was formed in the RTU campus recently thanks to recommendations and insights of the college student where all the academic and social activities are carried out and new ideas innovated.Tech-Cryptic is a techincal word which refers to all types of technical quizzing.It will become huge platform for skill enhancement and to introduce one's self with the new technology.
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Word's Worth Club

"Enroll, Enhance, Enlighten"...."Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds". Word's-Worth is a place where we carve out professionals from engineers. We provide a more real life situation where you can actually enhance your speaking and listening skills. We visualize students representing our college at national level competition.
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The energy advancement club is group engineering aspirants who have zeal to study renewable and non-renewable energy finely. This club provides opportunities to go through technicalities of " forms of energy ". As the states the energy advancement club strives to keep the club members up to date with modern technology of power generation and efficiency increment.
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