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THAR' 15

THAR ‘15 was the 1st ever edition of the fest that was held successfully at a grand level in 2015.

The name THAR is an acronym for Technical Haecceity Acumen Resilience with the name THAR being inspired from the famous Thar desert of Rajasthan which inspires us, the people of Rajasthan to live with a larger than life lifestyle. Such was the grandeur of the fest that it became the larger than life version of all fests in Rajasthan. 
The fest was first of its kind to bring all engineering students of various colleges of Rajasthan affiliated to RTU, Kota under a common banner. The idea of the fest was conceived with an aim to provide a platform for the young and aspiring engineers of Rajasthan to showcase their engineering as well as cultural skills, creativity and talents at a much bigger state level where it could be duly rewarded and encourage them to gain a practical understanding of their profession and be successful in their fields of lives. 
The fest was organized at three levels- 
1. College Level – organized from 15th-28th Feb. 2015 where all events were organized at their respective colleges and then the college winners would represent their respective colleges at the zonal level.
2. Zonal Level – organized from 12th-14th March, 2015 at the zonal centres, all the colleges affiliated to RTU, Kota were divided into 12 zones comprising of 15-16 colleges each and then the winners of the zonal level competed with the winners of other zones at the final hurdle that was the University Level.
3. University Level – organized from 19th-20th March, 2015 at Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.
The fest consisted of a plethora of events and workshops encompassing every genre of technology and management ranging from robotics to coding, etc. with the aim to infuse a scientific and rational temperament in the students. The fest organized a series of challenging competitions, mind-boggling demonstrations and inspiring lecture series and other literary as well as non-technical events. The most exciting part were the jaw dropping and brilliant exhibitions ranging from all fields of engineering and technology. Students from various engineering colleges from all over Rajasthan participated in this mega event with great pomp and enthusiasm in various different events and workshops as well as attended guest lectures from eminent personalities that inspired their young minds towards the latest innovations in the field of technology as well as learned important life lessons.
Culminated in a two-day extravaganza at the university level, the participants and non-participants alike went home taking cherishing and unforgettable memories of the fest with them as well as the inspiration to come next time better prepared for the different events to win the exciting prizes and make a name of their as well as their colleges on the state level.